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Old Town is young at heart. This famous and infamous historic area actually sits within the community of Lincoln Park. It’s seen numerous ethnicity shifts, was the epicenter of the Hippie movement in the 60’s, scene of some of the Democratic riots in 1968 and on a much funnier note, is the spot where many of our country’s greatest comedic stars have gotten their start.

Travel writer, Richard Atcheson, may have described it best when he wrote, “there is a little piece of Chicago real estate, west of Lincoln Park widely known as Old Town. It is full of conflict, full of life, a sometimes maddening but always exciting place to live.”

Today, OId Town is prime real estate, a gentrified, near north area that is home to many affluent people who appreciate its proximity to Lake Michigan and all the allure of downtown Chicago, which is merely one mile away. It is vibrant, diverse, lively and urban—the home of many of Chicago’s older, Victorian-era buildings, million-dollar mansions and much more modest townhomes and high-rise condominiums.

Whether you’re here on business, visiting friends or family, or on vacation, there are two absolute “musts” to see. First, is Second City, the long-running improvisational theatre that is the birthplace of legends including, John Belushi, Joan Rivers, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch, Martin Short and the list and laughs go on. Stopping point two is the Old Town School of Folk Music, the center of Chicago Folk music during the 60’s and 70’s. Other classic institutions of this area still exist today, such as the Old Town Ale House and Old Town Aquarium.

Don’t forget the Chicago History Museum and an afternoon of laughs with monkeys and giraffes at the famous Lincoln Park Zoo.

Come enjoy the history and the youthful attitude that is Old Town today.