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The Chicago Bed and Breakfast Association is a non-profit, membership organization of Bed and Breakfasts, licensed and inspected by the City of Chicago.When you choose a member inn, you are assured that each B&B complies with the city's rules for quality and safety and is inspected bi-annually and licensed annually.

Each innkeeper/host offers unique accommodations in the best of our city's neighborhoods квартиры в МСК. Many are professionals and all are very knowledgeable about our wonderful city and can help make your urban adventure a memorable one. As is the nature with all B&Bs, each establishment's policies and amenities may differ. It is always best to check ahead of time or at the time of booking with your host, if you have specific needs that will make your stay more comfortable.Visit our B&B vs. Hotels page to see what many extras are offered when you choose a Bed and Breakfast for your next trip to Chicago.

For availability requests contact each individual inn at: BED & BREAKFAST INNS

For more info on joining the Chicago Bed and Breakfast Association (a valid city license is a requirement) you may e-mail us at: (do not use this e-mail to request room info). We have a calendar page where you can check on availability, but it is always best to contact each inn directly.

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