East Rogers Park

Located in East Rogers Park
Lang House B&B on Sheridan

Some come for the gorgeous beaches along Lake Michigan (or is that really an ocean?). Others come for a learning experience, made easy by the presence of Loyola University’s Lake Shore campus. Perhaps they’re visiting a son or daughter at the school, or they want to dig into the history of this former village turned “Planned Community.”

People come to East Rogers Park for a diverse range of reasons, not the least of which is the well-known diversity of this multi-cultural neighborhood. More than 80 languages are spoken among the community’s 63,000 residents.

Geographically, you could describe this thriving neighborhood as the area that is “not Rogers Park”— but a more accurate description may be “the portion of Rogers Park east of Clark Street on the far north side of Chicago.”

An example of the neighborhood’s unique diversity is the historic Rogers Park Baptist Church, which holds services in three languages every Sunday and is made up of immigrants from 21 countries representing five continents. You can celebrate this diversity on paper, or more preferably in person as you visit the array of different cultural niches: churches, shops, restaurants and stores catering to specific ethnic groups.

What else is a claim to fame for East Rogers Park? Would you believe the Internet, and the label it earned in 2007 as one of America’s “bloggiest neighborhoods?” There’s also a “Who’s Who” of famous East Rogers Park residents, including: Elizabeth Bloomer, better-known as former first lady, Betty Ford; Lara Flynn Boyle; Shani Davis, Olympic speed skater; Hugh Downs, TV journalist (20/20); Tina Fey and Harold Ramis (actor, writer, director).

Visit and Stay the “More Neighborly Way.” Take in the area’s sights, sound and activities and when it’s time to bed down, cozy up to the Lang House on Sheridan Road, one of Chicago’s most lavish Bed and Breakfasts. You can get here easily enough. Mass transit is at your fingertips (and footsteps), which places Chicago’s other attractions just an EL, bus or short drive away.

While you’re visiting, exploring, enjoying the entertainment, or conducting business, make East Rogers Park your home away from home.