DSC03050Chicago is a city of neighborhoods.  Each has unique historic social and architectural features.  Bed and Breakfasts are located in these neighborhoods near local restaurants, boutique shops, entertainment venues and lifestyles.

Throughout the year special events populate the neighborhoods: concerts, parades, music festivals, cultural events, art exhibitions and food festivals with a  distinctive local flavor.  Shopping and dining in local shops and restaurants, where owners greet you and care to give you the best service, is an experience of what Chicago really is all about.

Bed and Breakfasts found here are licensed and inspected by the City of Chicago for fire, health, safety and other terms  to assure your safety and comfort.


  • Andersonville
  • Bridgeport
  • East Rogers Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Near South
  • Old Town
  • Wicker Park – Bucktown
  • Wrigleyville – Lakeview
  • West Loop